We’re Local

We’re local—truly local—not a national chain with a local facility. We’ve been filtering water in Indy since 1964. We know your water and the products that work best for it.

We’re Good

We use only professional grade NSF approved products installed by Water Quality Association certified technicians. Our filters are zero waste and made in America.

We’re Involved

For our last project, we partnered with the Hoosier Environmental Council and Aveda to raise awareness and funds for Indiana’s fresh water protection. Learn more at hoosierwaterwarrior.org.

We’re on a mission—to make Indy bottle free.

30 Million plastic bottles are thrown away each day—not recycled. Heavy trucks carrying tons of water around the city in 5 gallon jugs—really? We can do better—bottle free is better—better for you and the planet.

Call 317-845-1911 or enter your info in the form above to get a quick quote.


Call 317-845-1911 or enter your info below, to request a quote.