Save Money with Water Coolers from Bottle-Free Indy

Why spend money on water delivery when you can rent a water cooler for your office that filters your existing tap line for less? Not only do our bottleless water coolers cost less, they’re more convenient. You always have fresh clean water for your employees or customers with a water cooler that taps in to your existing water supply.

Water Cooler Rental Price - From $19/mo.

As low as $19/mo.
+ FREE installation

Including any service needs and filter changes.

No hidden costs here.

No Heavy Lifting Required

Our bottleless water coolers are low-maintenance.  You don’t have to worry about who’s around to swap in a full 5 gallon water jug when you empty the current one.  Did you know those weigh about 42 pounds?  All service needs and filter changes are on us, included in the price of the water cooler rental.

BPA-Free, Fresh Drinking Water

When you remove the plastic bottle from the equation and go bottle-free, you’re BPA-free.  Bisphenol A (BPA), a compound that has been linked to health issues, is often contained in plastic water jugs used by water delivery companies. Bottleless water coolers are a healthy alternative to bottled water delivery for fresh, filtered drinking water.

Eco-friendly Water Dispensers

Water delivery requires jugs of water to be bottled and shipped, generating harmful fuel emissions.  Take it easy on the earth and use your existing water supply that is already connected to your office, business, store, waiting room, or home for an environmentally-friendly water cooler solution.

Don’t blow your budget.  Save on water with water cooler rental for your office or store from Bottle Free Indy, serving companies and businesses in Carmel, Fishers, and the greater Indianapolis area.

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Call 317-845-1911 or enter your info below, to request a quote.