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Three green resolutions (you’ll actually keep)

It’s that time of year again, when we resolve to make positive changes in our lives in honor of the new year. Beyond the usual banishment of plastic bags and unwanted junk mail, what more can you do to green-ify your life? We’ve got a few ideas.

Do it yourself. Studies show the average household uses 40 lbs of chemicals each year to clean our homes. Those chemicals wind up in local streams and rivers. Making your own cleaning supplies is cheap and eco-friendly. Everybody wins! Want some DIY inspiration? Check out YouTube and Pinterest.

Reduce your water footprint. The water we use in our homes everyday is only three percent of the water we consume. Three percent! What are we using all that other water for? To produce the stuff we consume every day, including food. Check out to calculate your footprint and find ways you can lower it.

Get involved. Think of ways you can go green(er). Learn more about green organizations and get involved with the green efforts in your community. Organizing a neighborhood clean up or contacting your congressmen is easier than it sounds. Really!

What else are you resolving to do in the new year? Let us know.

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